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Product Highlights
  • 35mm Half-Frame Film Camera
  • HD PENTAX HF 25mm f/3.5 Lens
  • 6x Manual Focus Zones
  • Bright Optical Viewfinder
  • Autoexposure/Program/Bokeh Modes
  • Built-In Flash
  • Exposure Compensation and ISO Adjustment
  • Manual Film Advance Lever & Film Rewind
  • CR2 3V Battery Power
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Pentax PENTAX 17 DARK SILVER, Half-Frame Film Camera Pentax PENTAX 17 DARK SILVER, Half-Fr...
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Compact Film Camera

The PENTAX 17 is a half-frame camera, capturing two 17mm x 24mm pictures within in a single 35mmformat (36mm x 24mm) film frame. It produces vertical-format pictures, with similar ratios to those captured by smartphones.

In addition to the distinctive image quality created only by a film camera, the design of the PENTAX 17 incorporates manual operations unique to film photography — a selectable zonefocus system, manual film winding, manual film advance lever, and exposure compensation and ISO sensitivity adjustments, each with their own dials. It has a retro-inspired design, with the top and bottom covers made of a solid but lightweight magnesium alloy to optimize the camera body’s rigidity.

Key Features:

  • Half-size format
  • Manual camera operation unique to film cameras 
  • Newly developed lens combines time-proven optics and the latest lens coating technology
  • Zone-focus system to switch the in-focus area via simple selection of zone marks
  • Bright optical viewfinder for real-time confirmation of a subject image
  • Seven shooting modes to accommodate different applications
  • High-quality body with meticulous attention to every detail

The PENTAX 17 features a newly developed 25mm F3.5 lens (equivalent to a 37mm lens in the 35mm format). The lens is treated with HD (High Definition) coating to optimize clarity and sharpness. The optical viewfinder features an Albada-type bright frame finder and has a close-up visual field compensation frame to help compose close-up images more easily. The camera has seven shooting modes to accommodate different applications and scenarios. It automatically adjusts exposure settings based on lighting data collected by its metering sensor.

It is an ideal model not only for film camera enthusiasts who have enjoyed film photography for years, but also for photographers who are excited about trying film photography for the first time.

Half-size format

The PENTAX 17 features the half-size format, in which two 17mm x 24mm pictures are captured within a single 35mm frame (36mm x 24mm). It also employs a manual film advance lever. When holding the camera in the traditional orientation, the PENTAX 17 captures vertical-format pictures, with similar ratios to images captured by smartphones.

Manual camera operation unique to film cameras 

The PENTAX 17 features a manual film winding mechanism based on those incorporated in PENTAX-brand SLR film cameras. The film advance lever lets the user enjoy the film winding action and a wind-up sound after every shutter release. Its easy-loading system is designed to prevent film-loading errors.It also features other mechanisms unique to film cameras, such as manual film rewinding operation using the rewind crank; exposure compensation via the exposure compensation dial; and ISO sensitivity setting via the ISO sensitivity dial.

Newly developed lens combines time-proven optics and the latest lens coating technology

The PENTAX 17 features a newly developed 25mm F3.5 lens (equivalent to a 37mm lens in the 35mm format). Based on the optics incorporated in the acclaimed PENTAX Espio Mini (marketed in 1994), it has been redesigned to fit perfectly in the half-size format. The lens is treated with HD (High Definition) coating — a highly acclaimed multi-layer coating — to optimize the clarity and sharpness of the half-frame photos. Using the lens used in the RICOH Auto Half (a best-selling half-size model first marketed in 1962) as a reference, the angle of view and focal length were selected to make casual, everyday picture-taking simple and flawless.

Zone-focus system to switch the in-focus area via simple selection of zone marks

From close-ups to long distances, the PENTAX 17’s zone-focus system is divided into six focus zones, indicated by marks that signify each zone. Set the camera’s focus by selecting the mark best suited for the subject distance on the zone focusing ring. In the Macro focus zone, the user can capture a close-up photo from approximately 25 centimeters away. The hand strap (included as a standard accessory) lets the user measure subject distance more accurately.

Bright optical viewfinder for real-time confirmation of a subject image

The PENTAX 17’s optical viewfinder features an Albada-type bright frame finder. It also comes with a close-up visual field compensation frame to help the user more easily compose close-up images. It is possible to check the zone marks directly through the viewfinder.

Seven shooting modes to accommodate different applications

The PENTAX 17 automatically adjusts exposure settings based on the lighting data collected by its metering sensor. In addition to the Full Auto mode in which all exposure settings are selected by the camera, it provides six other shooting modes, including: Slow-speed sync, which is highly useful in twilight photography; and Bulb, which comes in handy for photographing nightscapes and fireworks. The PENTAX 17 also features an independent exposure compensation dial, which allows the user to swiftly shift the exposure level to accommodate different types of subjects or express the user’s creative intentions.

High-quality body with meticulous attention to every detail

The PENTAX 17’s body has a classic design, hinting at the traditional look of film cameras. The top and bottom covers are made of a solid but lightweight magnesium alloy to optimize the camera body’s rigidity. The 40.5mm filter mounting thread allows the user to mount a range of filters, which are available for purchase on the market. 

Additional Features:

  • A wide selection of ISO film speeds (50, 100, 125, 160, 200, 400, 800, 1600 and 3200)
  • Note holder on the back cover, into which the end of the film package can be inserted for an ata-glance confirmation of the film in use
  • Three strap lugs to accommodate horizontal and vertical camera suspensions, to best suit the user’s shooting style
  • Compatibility with the optional CS-205 Cable Switch, which comes in handy for extended-exposure photography in the Bulb shooting mode

What's Included

Pentax 17 Film Camera
CR2 3V Lithium-Ion Battery
O-LC40.5 Lens Cap
O-ST191 Wrist Strap


Product Specifications

Pentax 17

Type Half-frame behind-the-lens shutter 35mm film camera
Frame Size  24×17mm
Compatible Film 35mm film: ISO 50, ISO 100, ISO 125, ISO 160, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 800, ISO 1600, ISO 3200
Sensitivity Setting Manual settings to match the film
Film Loading Easy loading
Film Advance Manual winding using wind-up lever (with 130-degree stroke and 35-degree stand-off angle)
Film Rewind Manual rewinding using rewind crank. Mid-roll rewinding possible.


Focal Length 25mm (equivalent to 37mm in 35mm format)
Maximum Aperture F3.5
Lens Configuration 3 elements in 3 groups
Angle of View (Diagonal) 61°
Maximum Magnification Approx. 0.13x (at 0.25m)
Filter Diameter φ40.5mm


Type Albada bright-frame viewfinder
Viewfinder Indication Composition frame, Close-distance composition frame
Zone focusing setting can be confirmed through the viewfinder
Viewfinder Outer Right Blue lamp display: Warning display, Orange lamp display: Flash display


Type Zone-focusing (Manual operation)
Switchover Distance 6 zones (0.25m, 0.5m, 1.2m, 1.7m, 3m, ∞) (0.82ft, 1.7ft, 4ft, 5.6ft, 10ft, ∞)

Exposure Control

Metering Type Partial metering
Metering Range EV2.5 to 16.5 (ISO100)
Exposure Compensation ±2EV (1/3EV steps)
Shooting Mode
Full auto (Pan focus program AE, Auto flash), Standard (Program AE, Flash off), Slow-speed
shutter (Slow-speed program AE, Flash off), Maximum aperture priority (Maximum aperture
priority program AE, Flash off), Bulb (Bulb, Flash off), Daylight sync (Program AE, Flash on) ,
Slow-speed sync (Slow-speed program AE, Flash on)


Type Program AE electronic shutter
Shutter Speed 1/350 to 4 seconds, Bulb


Built-in Flash Guide Number approx. 6 (ISO100・m)
Emission Type Shooting mode interlocking system
Flash Charging Time Approx. 9 seconds
Charging Status Can be checked with the orange lamp at viewfinder outer right.
Charging status: blinking Charging completion status: lighting

Power Source

Battery Type One 3V lithium battery (CR2), Not compatible with rechargeable CR2 type batteries
Battery Life Approx. 10 cartridges* when using 36 exposure film
(using fresh battery under the condition of 50% flash shots)

* According to the result of RICOH IMAGING in-house testing.

External Terminal

Cable Switch Terminal Compatible with cable switch CS-205 (optional) (φ2.5mm)

Physical Specs

Operating Environment Temperature: 0 to 40°C
Humidity: 85% or less (the environment must be free of condensation)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 127 × 78 × 52 mm (5 × 3.1 × 2")

* Excluding protruding parts
Weight Approx. 290 g (10.2 oz.)

* Without film and battery

Questions & Answers

Pentax PENTAX 17 DARK SILVER, Half-Frame Film Camera

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